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Responsive Web Designs

Future Will Be Mobile!

With more and more people using iPhones, iPads and smart phones for web browsing, Flash based and Fixed-width websites won’t cut it anymore. Responsive Web Design is a web design approach intended at crafting websites to offer the best viewing experience, simple navigation and easy reading with minimum of scrolling, panning, and re-sizing across a wide variety of devices (from PC to different mobile phones). RWD is a combination of the JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 which helps web designers and developers to build up world class web applications and websites that are consistent across all mobile devices and browsers. Responsive web design caters to all devices with same URLs, with every URL serving same HTML to every device and using CSS to change the way a page appears on any device.

Essentially, the core idea behind responsive web design approach was to deal with the changing or ever-evolving landscape of devices, browsers, orientations as well as screen sizes by creating very versatile, highly adaptive and fluid sites. Rather than creating a desktop version adapted to the common screen resolutions, other than a specific mobile version, idea behind RWD is to easily approach the issues in a different manner: use highly fluid and flexible layouts that adjust easily to almost every screen possible with ease.

How Can We Help You?

Here at EWebLabs, we follow a precise and well-defined development method to develop our client’s websites with our experience in the responsive web deigns development. Our web developers and designers have deep knowledge and are passionate to create responsive sites that meet all the web standards. We use our abilities in CSS3 and HTML5 at the utmost level to represent very high-standard and world class responsive web solutions. The responsive web designs, we create will look good always; regardless of from which device you’re accessing the site. So, you’ll have the same visual appeal and feel on a desktop, tablet or a smart phone.

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Responsive Website Development Services offered by EWebLabs Include:

  • Design of Responsive sites that will easily adapt to many screen sizes including devices like iPad, Android phones & iPhone.
  • HTML5 Validated Code.
  • Cross Browser Testing utilizing Google ChromeX, Safari, FireFox, mobile browsers and Internet Explorer.
  • On-site SEO Included.
  • Free Online Marketing Guide.
  • Developing highly organized and structured sites
  • Testing websites on different mobile devices and browsers.