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Most of the organizations these days are offering similar services and products with very little differentiation, in features, design, and price models. In this situation, building up customer loyalty by fast troubleshooting and problems resolution via technical support services which assist to “close-loop” your customer value chain tends to be the key actually.

We Understand Your Business

With years of our experience in technical support and existence in numerous industries including Hi-Technology, Software, Consumer Electronics and Manufacturing, our technical support focuses on improving customer experience by offering proactive and prompt issue resolution at decreased support costs through competent resource use. Our “Tech-Smart” services assist enterprises to boost first time resolution as well as decrease contact handling time, human effort, and contact volumes through the best of breed practice and front office creative tool incorporation.

Across The Client Lifecycle

We know that organizations continuously need to emphasize on inventing and enhancing their support process around service, retention and acquisition. Other than outsourcing phone support, we also offer social media engagement, chat and email services across every stage of the customers’ lifecycle.

Providing Productivity Services

We develop obvious strategies incorporating Customers and Predictive Analytics, Social Media Monitoring and Speech and Data Analytics to enhance efficiency in contact and call handling, client retention and revenues generation, thus providing precious contribution to any business-critical engine.

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Our Service Offerings


Enterprise support services offered by EWebLabs is woven around four key imperatives, namely - products complexity, profile of end user, 24x7availability associated and delivery challenges.

Enterprise products are business-critical and complex and the businesses have zero acceptances for any technical shortage. Our 24/7 helpdesk comprises an active team which is well-equipped for meeting unforeseen challenges with fast solutions. Technology expertise, proven and mature processes and a knowledgeable work force that is adept at handling the enterprise end users offers us the needed edge to deliver world class enterprise technical support.


We have designed our customer support approach keeping the end users in our mind. Our phone support team is highly trained on cultural sensitivity, neutral and global accent, and correct technical knowledge, thus equipping them to serve to customers ranging from home makers and students to working professionals. Revenues generation activities like up-sell, warranty activations and cross-sell also form a vital part of EWebLabs technical support services.
Moreover, we attach high weight to severity in constant knowledge transfer, hands-on performance monitoring, client experience pulses mapping, and latest trend analysis to draw identification of training requirements, constant operational excellence standardization, and quality improvement with our end aim - Customer Experience Enhancement.